Chiara was born in Pisa where she lived until her adulthood. Since she was little she had travelled a lot with her parents and had the possibility of seeing many places, meeting many different types of people, and learning more languages.


At the age of 7 she takes over her father's video camera and refuses to let it go: she invites friends over and, directing and acting, she compiled movies with them. (non sono ancora molto convinta di questa frase- vedi un po' se ti piace cosi)


From that moment she decided that would be her career,.from then onward nobody has ever stopped her, her passion just grows. At the age of 10, she enters a scene with the Little Prince, which she still loves a lot as a text. From the moment that her city didn't offer anything as far as cinema and tv, at 13 years old she initiates and conducts a program for teenagers on a Tuscan Channel...... At 14 she continues with theater , reciting "Crisalis"...In all these years she has never neglected sports, she has always loved horse-back riding and cycling, but her true passion was that of rhythmic gymnastics which she has begun at the age of 4 and continued for years with a passion at a competitive level. Chiara has always had very clear ideas of her future and once reached her High School graduation she decides to transfer to Rome to pursue her dream and life project. Indeed, the same year she gets accepted to partake in the tv series Anna e i Cinque 2, where she interprets her first role on television. The following year she finds herself in an other tv series Il Tredicesimo Apostolo, reaching 2012 where she gets chosen by Pupi Avati for his tv series, Un Matrimonio, in which she interprets the role of Elvira. Releasing at the beginning of 2013.